The YSG are looking for 4 more people

The YSG have decided to open our doors for 4 lucky people. We are looking for 4 like minded anglers from the Yorkshire or East Midlands region to join us in order to help move the group on to the next level.
So if you would like to be part of the team please send an email here: Send Mail including the following:
Your name
Your age
Where you live
Your email address for contact
Your website/blog/facebook page
What you can bring to the group
What you expect from the group
A brief history of your fishing life including any accomplishments and set backs

Closing date is midnight 31st March 2015 and our decisions will be made over the easter holidays and posted on here after those we have accepted have been informed.

Good luck


The Y.S.G. Anglers Evening

The night of 27th November 2013 will be one myself and the rest of the guys within the Yorkshire Specimen Group will remember for a long time, our inaugural event in raising money for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Interactive Bed Scheme at Club 39 in Doncaster.

Roughly 90 people were in attendance for a fantastic evening’s entertainment that got underway with Julian Cundiff giving us the honour of being our first guest speaker on our first event.


Julian’s talk was based on a year in his life and to many peoples surprise it also involved aspects away from his deep love of carp fishing from his love of music to his family and it really was a refreshing change to see a talk that wasn’t all about “Here’s a fish I caught, here’s another fish I caught and yes here’s another fish I caught” that many talks seem to involve nowadays.

During the interval after Julian’s talk the BCSG took to the stage to talk about the launch of their 7th book. Compiled by Brian Skoyles, Ron Key and John Carver and designed by Mike Starkey on behalf of the BCSG it is a complete departure from anything the BCSG has produced before, this is an epic 576 page volume subtitled “THE TECHNICAL EDITION”, with over sixty BCSG members contributing to this unique take on the technical and practical aspects of their sport.

After the interval it was time for our very own group member Lee Swords to take the stage.


Lee is well renowned for his wit and it was no surprise that he gave one of the funniest talks many on the evening had ever heard. Between the jokes and funny stories he talked about his love, the River Trent and catching all species of fish from it from Eels (Demonic fish of the devil in Lee’s words)

After Lees talk it was time for the raffle.


The raffle is our biggest money raiser and with the prizes on offer it was no wonder why. We had winners at the event and a number who had also bought raffle tickets online too.

Now the important bit, how much did we raise? Just over £1400! This was from our Pre-event auction for a Brolly system, Entry fees on the night and raffle tickets sold online and on the night. So on behalf of the Y.S.G. I would like to thank everybody that dug deep and raised so much money for the kids.

As well as thanking those people we have a whole host of others to thank…..

Firstly our 2 speakers, Julian Cundiff & Lee Swords who gave up their time freely for the evening and gave everyone there an insight into their fishing lives as well as fantastic entertainment.

Next Club 39 for providing us with a venue and facilities to put on the slideshow and talks free of charge.

The guys that came along with their trade stands giving the people an opportunity to see what they are all about and hopefully make a few sales:

  • Bob Roberts & Stu Walker – Caught In the Act DVD
  • Darren McCann – The Hook Bait Company
  • Paul Fisk – Fisky’s Fantastic Feeders
  • Rob Hilton – The Barbel Society

And finally our supporters and sponsors. Without you the amazing raffle could not have taken place and raised so much money, so thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of the kids at the hospital:

  • Shimano
  • Fox International
  • DNA Baits
  • PB Products
  • Nash
  • Hull & District Angling Association
  • Rob Swindells Guiding
  • Carp & Cat Bussters
  • Lymm Angling Club
  • Cygnet Tackle
  • Taska
  • Frisby Lakes
  • Predator Publications
  • PrintBiz
  • Millfield Pool
  • Dale Pitt Lakes
  • Blakemere Fishery
  • Carp Crazy Tackle
  • Halkon Hunt
  • Richmond & District Angling Society
  • Pool Bridge Farm
  • Wyreside Lakes
  • Angling Publications Ltd
  • Scunthorpe Pisces Angling Club
  • Fladen
  • Angling Times
  • Association of Barbel Fishers
  • Earl of Harringtons Angling Club
  • Sandall Park Lake
  • Alderfen Fishery
  • DefiantMPS
  • Honeywell Safety Products
  • Korda
  • Kryston
  • Asso Sport
  • Gardner Tackle
  • Thinking Anglers
  • King of the Pond
  • Viking Baits
  • Nutrabaits
  • Dynamite Baits
  • Bait-Tech
  • Sticky Baits
  • Hinders Tackle
  • Evolution Carp Tackle
  • Lone Angler
  • Enterprise Tackle

Anglers Evening Venue & Parking Details

A few more details regarding the venue for our charity evening on Wednesday.

The easiest parking is in the ‘Civic Quarter’ multi-story car park that is just accross the street from the venue as seen below


The car park is manned until midnight and very secure. Details including the address and tariffs can be found here: (PLEASE NOTE: The opening hours given are for it being manned, It is open 24 hours)

When you leave the car park at the main entrance on College Road, Club 39 is almost opposite and slightly to the right as seen below:



Se you all on Wednesday night, doors open from 6.30pm

YSG Anglers Evening & Auction For Sheffield Childrens Hospital

As well as our chairt evening on the 27th of November the group are also having a pre-event auction. In association with Fox we are auctioning a superb Supa Brolly System with a retail value of £300.

Bids can be made by private message on our facebook page here: or by email to stating your bid amount, your name & contact details.
The winning bidder can either give their payment on the evening of the event if attending and collecting the system there or by Paypal if arranging collection.
On the evenings of Wednesday 20th, Friday 22nd and at noon on Sunday 24th the current highest bid will be revealed on our facebook page to give you the opportunity to better it.


Also Don’t forget to come along to our Anglers Evening as it will be fantastic and for a very good cause. The raffle is the best i have ever seen for an event like this with the star prize being a holiday to Spains River Ebro fishing for Carp & Catfish. People still wishing to purchase raffle tickets online that can’t make the event can do. Details about the evening and how to purchase raffle tickets can be seen on the event poster below.

raffle poster

What Makes Us Go Fishing?

At the recent Barbel Society show Bob Roberts & Stu Walker did a presentation on the ‘Caught in the Act’ series of DVD’s which to be honest blew most in attendance away. They are the closest thing to A Passion for Angling I have seen and are a must purchase for all fishermen in my opinion. Anyway they showed a small video entitled ‘What makes us go fishing’ that is tremendous, so we thought we would share it with you.

You can purchase the DVD’s from here:


Jon’s June Blog

As I hoped I did manage to get a final session in on the lake I had been targeting for the elusive double figure bream (see my last blog for info).

I arrived at the lake in the late afternoon and as in my previous sessions I kicked off with the method feeder with artificial corn and caster which was cast to a silt clearing just in front of a weed bed. As in previous sessions the fish didn’t want to co-operate in the hours of darkness but at dusk and dawn I did put half a dozen fish on the bank between 5lb 1oz and 7lb 10oz but with nothing anywhere near the elusive double I decided it was time for a rethink. The 14lb bream that had come out of the lake weeks previously was caught by a carp angler, so off came the method feeders and on went scaled down carp bolt rigs with snowman set ups on them both. I created a spod mix of hemp, corn, pellets and boilies and put 25 spods in before leaving the swim to rest for an hour. An hour later out went both rods and within minutes I had my biggest fish of the day at 9lb on the nose.

9lb 12oz

A little while later I was in again and getting closer to that hard to come by double, falling short by only 4oz, my next fish went 9lb 12oz. I did manage to catch another 4 fish between 7lb 9oz and 8lb 13oz before it was time to make my way home. I was pretty gutted at getting so close to cracking a double from this water and not quite doing it but changing my approach had produced bigger fish, so a lesson learned for my next visit, after all it would be rude not to get back again soon wouldn’t it now I’m getting this close?

This season on the river is going to be different for me, I have decided to not renew any of my memberships to clubs I was with previously and have joined a club that is new to me for a change of scenery and a challenge, therefore I will be fishing pegs that I haven’t fished for donkeys years or that I have never fished before. It’s the afternoon of Friday 14th June and I’m on the banks of the Trent waiting for the glorious 16th.  I get my ‘base camp’ all sorted and over the next 30 hours or so start prebaiting. During this time in goes 2 and a half gallons of mixed pellets that I had flavoured and coloured a few days previously with both Barbel Proactive A-tract flavour & Oil that I am field testing for the Hook Bait Company, 3 gallons of hemp and 3 tins of corn accompany the pellet onto the river bed and over the next day and a half I spend my time fish spotting between the periods of excitement and giddiness.

At midnight on the Saturday evening I say a quick prayer to the barbel gods, toast the river with a tipple of beer and make my first cast. Thirty minutes or so later I have my first ‘Prince of the River’, not a huge fish, in fact only a baby at 5lb 1oz but being the first fish of the season makes it special, no matter the size.

10lb 2oz Barbel & 5lb 1oz Chub

Over the next few hours It’s really quiet then just before day break my first double of the season is resting in the landing net, tipping the scales at 10lb 2oz and then just after daybreak I get my first chub of the season, a lovely fish at 5lb 1oz. By mid-morning all I have added is a bream around 6lb so I decide to get my head down and get some sleep. Over the next 36 hours or so (not all spent fishing) I add another 4 barbel between 7-8lb and a bream between 5-6lb before wrapping up the session and heading home. Not a fantastic start to the season but considering I’m fishing a peg that’s new to me on a stretch I’ve not fished for years I’m pretty happy seeing as though the next best catch from the other 2-3 anglers on the stretch is 2 barbel.

Later that week I’m back on the same stretch for a quick overnighter with Bob Beal. I fish a different peg and it turns out that I just have a ‘mare’.  It begins with me losing my bait dropper in a snag, followed by 3 feeders and 4 leads. By now I’m pretty miffed and after a few bite less hours  and having a ‘head like a shed’ I decide I need to move swims in order to get my head right and be able to concentrate and hopefully catch a fish or two.

4lb 14oz

4lb 14oz

Trent At Dusk

Trent At Dusk

I trundle off to the peg I had my season opener on and as the sun begins to set I have my first fish, a chub of 4lb 14oz. During the night I bank 2 small barbel around 6lb apiece before calling it a day.

The following week I’m back again, this time for 2 nights and I will be joined for 1 of the days by my dad for his first river session of the season. I know I’m a bit crazy at times and a glutton for punishment, but with determined mind I get in the peg I had a ‘mare’ in the previous week because now I know where the snags are and I have the mind-set of ‘this peg won’t beat me, where there are snags there’s fish!’ . By late afternoon I’m having my first cast and by the time my dad arrived the following morning I had landed 3 barbel around 7lb apiece, 4 bream to just over 7lb and a small chub of around 3lb. See this peg wasn’t going to beat me! But there was more action to come in both in terms of catching fish and a bizarre incident.

During the day I catch another 6 bream to 8lb 2oz and a 7lb 8oz barbel  and my dad has a barbel around 6lb and 8-9 bream but while he is packing up I hear shouts of “Jon quick!!”. I wonder what the hell is going on before seeing a large narrow boat drifting down river sideways! The boat is long, it’s stern just a rod length or two from our bank and its bow almost halfway across the river. Either it has managed to break free of its moorings by accident or someone doing it deliberately or someone has had an accident or died on it. Luckily the bailiff is on hand and throws a rock at the boat to see if anyone stirs and to our amazement this bloke staggers up from below deck. He is asked in no polite terms “what the hell are you doing?”  Or words to that affect before slurring out in an inebriated state “I’m tired and have a bad hip”. This guy is pissed as a fart and has decided to sleep it off while letting his boat drift downriver sideways, not only endangering his own life but those of other river users too! If a boat had come around the corner no way would it have been able to stop, especially one of the large gravel loaders that navigate the Trent. Not only this but where we woke him was not far from the top of a weir! He is given a stiff talking to by us all before firing his engine up (right in the middle of where I had been fishing) and taking off downriver, however the bailiff called the lock master at the location where the idiot is heading too and is informed he will be picked up when he arrives there and dealt with accordingly.

8lb 6oz

Anyway back to the fishing. After my dad has left I settle back down to try and catch a few more and from dusk until dawn I land another 13 fish consisting of 5 barbel to 8lb 6oz, 7 bream between 6-7lb and a 4lb 12oz chub and I decide to pack up before the forecast rain arrives as there’s nothing worse than doing it in the rain and having to dry all your gear out at home. So a great session in a difficult peg with a total of 9 barbel, 17 bream and a couple of chub.

8lb 1oz

8lb 1oz

On the last day of the month i manage to sneak in a quick overnight session on the tidal with Bob Beal, once again on a peg I’ve not fished before.

To say it was slow was an understatement, I started fishing at midday and didn’t get my first bite until 1.30am that was a lovely 8lb 1oz barbel. Just after day break before the sun rose over the horizon in a mad 30-45 minute spell I had 3 more, nothing big with all being 6-7lb and that was it for the session. A short while later a hot sun rose and killed the sport, so home I went.

So 2 weeks into the season after 4 sessions my fish count currently stands at:
21 x Barbel to 10lb 2oz
19 x Bream to 8lb 2oz
4 x Chub to 5lb 1oz



What Have We Been Up To

It’s all been quiet with the lads getting ready for the start of the river season in a couple of weeks.

Over the last 12 days Jon has had 3 sessions totalling 4 nights on a midlands stillwater chasing the bream and trying to snag a rare double that it occasionally produces and has managed put 47 of them on the bank up to almost 9lb (Hopefully an elusive double the lake can produce will be his reward before the river season opens). He will be publishing a blog entry this week writinf about what he’s been up to over the last couple of months and the build up to the rivers opening.

Tim has been chasing an elusive double figure Yorkshire Tench with fish so far up to 8 and a half pounds, i’m sure it wont be long before a double is gracing his net. He’s also been inundated with orders for his Tench & Bream rigs and that’s not surprising due to the number of big fish they produce, so get some for yourself from here:

Mark has got 4 nights planned chasing Tench at a lincolnshire stillwater in early July, maybe 1-2 other lads from the group will be joining him.

Lee & his fishing buddy Danny Johnson enjoyed a fantastic 24 hours on Marsh Farm banking over 60 Tench to 5lb and 15 crucians to 3lb between them. Read Lee’s review of March Farm here:

Also we would like to announce that Lee Swords & Jon Preen are delighted to be using quality bait provided by The Hookbait Company for the upcoming river season.

Please checkout and join their Facebook page here:

And their website (Soon to be updated) here: